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Photo Collection: Justice | Krooluhv Clothing Co.

Do it with Passion or Not at All.

“Liberty Needs Glasses”  by Tupac Shakur

Liberty Needs Glasses

Excuse me but lady liberty needs glasses
and so does Mrs. justice by her side.
Both the broads are blind as bats,
stumbling through the system.
Justice bumped into Mutulu and
trippin’ on Geronimo Pratt
but stepped right over Oliver
and his crooked partner Ronnie.

Justice stubbed her big toe on Mandela
and liberty was misquoted by the Indians.
Slavery was a learning phase
forgotten with out a verdict
while justice is on a rampage
for endangered surviving black males
I mean really if anyone really valued life
and cared about the masses
they’d take em both 2 pen optical
and get 2 pair of glasses. 

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Model: Nadia
Photographer: Cory Cherry

Location: Houston, Texas | USA

JUSTICE | Krooluhv Clothing Co.

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Gallery Poetry: Liberty Needs Glasses – written by Tupac Shakur